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Cellular Automata (CA) present a very powerful approach for the study of complex emergent phenomena built up out of many simple local interactions. Because of this, CA are very popular for studying real applications and have generated a great deal of interest both in academia and industry by researchers working in different scientific fields and dealing with theoretical aspects as well as practical applications.

Since its first edition in 1994, the ACRI conference focused on challenging problems and new research on Cellular Automata (CA). Its primary goal is to offer both scientists and engineers in academies and industries an opportunity to enforce international collaborations on Cellular Automata and express their views on current trends, challenges, and state-of-the art solutions to various problems in several scientific fields: biology, computer science, chemistry, ecology, economy, engineering, geology, medicine, physics, sociology, etc.

This 13th edition of ACRI Conference aims at enlarging the classical topics to include other areas related to or extending Cellular Automata. This will offer a larger community the opportunity to discuss their work in various related fields as for instance: complex networks, games on networks, bio-inspired computing, cryptography, biological network modelling, multiagent models, etc.

Papers presenting original and unpublished research on theoretical and computational aspects of Cellular Automata as well as applications of CA-based models are sought/welcomed.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Tools and Theory: new algorithms based on CA, theory of computation, CA environments,
  • Theoretical aspects of CA: algebraic, dynamics, and topological issues
  • Dynamical Complex Systems and Emergent Phenomena,
  • Image Processing and Pattern Recognition,
  • Natural Computing and Unconventional Computing,
  • Quantum Cellular Automata,
  • Complex Networks, Games on Networks,
  • Bio-Inspired Computing,
  • Cryptography,
  • Lattice Gas and Lattice Boltzmann Models,
  • Agent-Based Models,
  • Mathematical Systems Theory: analysis, optimization and control, identification,
  • Biological and Ecological Modelling: metabolic networks, species evolution, immune systems, contamination processes, infectious diseases, biodiversity,
  • Modelling of Physical or Chemical Systems: hydrodynamics, reaction diffusion systems, complex flows,
  • Environmental Modelling: Pollution models, biomass evolution, desertification,
  • Socio-Economical Models: vehicular and pedestrian traffic, urbanism, market.


The ACRI-2018 Organizing Committee invites proposals for the Workshops Program. Workshops will provide an informal setting where participants will have the opportunity to discuss specific technical topics in an atmosphere that fosters the active exchange of ideas.

In the past editions of ACRI the number of ACRI Workshops and satellite Workshop has grown: C&CA (Crowds & Cellular Automata), T&CA (Traffic & Cellular Automata), ACA (Asynchronous Cellular Automata and Asynchronous Discrete Models), CACGI (Cellular Automata of Cancer Growth and Invasion), IWNC (International Workshop of Natural Computing), ABSim&CA (Agent-Based Simulation & Cellular Automata).

Details on how to send Workshop proposals will be announced soon.


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Accepted papers will appear in the proceedings published by Springer in the LNCS series.

Journal Special Issue

As for the previous editions, we are planning special issues of journals like Natural Computing (already confirmed) and Journal of Cellular Automata for the publication of selected papers from the conference and workshops.

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